Friday, June 17, 2011

You're probably wondering ...

... where I've been these last few days - or maybe not - I dunno. But after many vicissitudes, I'm now back home. And so are Caliburn, Strawberry Moose, my new trailer and a mini-digger.

I'm worn out too - I've been on the road for 33 hours non-stop, and so I'm off to bed. I'll fill you in with the gory details tomorrow - but not early. IN fact if I'm around at all tomorrow it will be a miracle.

Friday, April 8, 2011

This hot weather ...

 is still going on relentlessly and I'm now a deep shade of red. Working outside is clearly good for me. But it didn't reach the 42°C that it said it did on the temperature sender outside. And after a few minutes pondering this, I suddenly realised the answer to that.

Yes, I've had a great big bonfire (rather too close to the exterior temperature sender) and burned tons f stuff that was lying around doing no good. Including all of the foam-rubber seat cushions out of the old caravan that the rats trashed while I was ill. And I'll tell you what - I've never seen anything catch fire so quickly and easily and burn so fiercely. It's put me right off caravans. If someone dropped a fag-end in bed there would be no survivors.

As you can guess, the tidying-up has started and I've been clearing things up. Not much because I'm no good at tidying up and I don't know how to do it anyway. But at least there's a little more space now that a lot of stuff has gone up in smoke. And there will be more to follow it as I slowly work my way round, although this isn't the solution to my storage issues of course. The aim quite simply is to try to make the place a little more presentable in case I have visitors this year.

As well as that, I've been in the garden again and I've planted the pea and courgette seeds that I had set to soak a couple of days ago.As well as that, I stuck in half a dozen sweetcorn seeds. They are out of date and did nothing last year, but I'm intrigued to see if anything might happen.

In other news, I had a nice hot shower this evening and I did the washing-up with water from the home-made immersion heater, with a temperature of 68°C. It's quite impressive, this immersion heater and the insulation.